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Corona And Some Observations
Corona And Some Observations
29-May-2020 2:35 PM
Nataraj Bhattacharya​

As retired, I get plenty of time to read several newspapers from multiple foreign countries ( where English version is available ). The countries include EU, Japan, UK, US, even Pakistan and B'desh. I do not read China as I found it is very biased. Following points are noted:-
(i) Collective singing, playing tabla etc is not Modi's idea. It started in Europe first.

(ii) Repeating these several times occurred in EU before Modi asked for it.

(iii) Deciding lockdown date on 24 March was also influenced by EU ideas. US started it later, that too not full lockdown and got many deaths despite having best medical facilities.

(iv) Modi gave no notice to migrant labor on 24 March. This happened because no advisor of Modi, nor any of opposition parties, nor you and I, could anticipate this issue at that time. In any case, migrants started home coming about one month after start of lockdown pushing everyone on back foot.

(v) Lifting lockdown step by step was under discussion for last few days in all these countries and many have partially opened.

(vi) The most important point is Epidemiology is a science having considerable amount of advanced mathematics to predict course of epidemic. Scientists now got sufficient data in last 2 months to understand behaviour of this new virus, calculated its expected peak time, verified from countries where it has already peaked, and then advised respective governments that it is time to withdraw lockdown. However, different countries are relaxing different parts of economy probably because of their local situations ( the country wise list of variation of steps available in European papers of yesterday ).

However, I found two amusing aspects (i) All governments handle disasters as per pre decided checklists, which is also improved after each event. Global pandemic occurred last about 100 years ago and apparently its checklists have not been synchronised with today's technology and economic activities. Migrant problem is related (ii) Indian govt used Indian Epidemic Act, 1898 to deal with today's problems.

Finally, I shall raise one point that surprised me. Perhaps some among you can answer it. MD course in Epidemiology in India is offered to MBBS doctors only. How they deal with so much advanced mathematics and statistics is not clear to me.

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